Posted Positions: Updated January 30, 2018

Director of Student Services
Application Deadline: Until Filled

Job Description:


Teacher, Secondary

Application Deadline: Until Filled

Teaching Position Information:

We desire for our teachers to be highly qualified in their area and/or willing to pursue needed certification. Putnam EDGE staff will work well with colleagues to meet the needs of our school and our students. In addition, staff will be responsible for the following:

  • Create and maintain an environment that fosters student achievement and the development of lifelong skills.
  • Maximize opportunities for student success by creating positive working relationships with students.
  • Actively participate in the establishment of policies and procedures that make sense for this unique teaching and learning environment.
  • Remain flexible, innovative and adaptive to change.
  • Support principles of Project Based Learning (PBL) and integration of curriculum.
  • Show confidence in working with new technology and various application packages.
  • Be role models for students regarding life-long learning and professional behavior.
  • Faculty models the learning expectations that students are to accomplish.
  • Staff members take time to get to know each other. They encourage networking, collegiality, mutual support and deep individual and collective reflection among the staff.
  • Faculty are flexible, resourceful, innovative and can effectively manage the design and execution of learning experiences, both formal and informal, that are very responsive to the needs of students and the context in which learning is taking place.
  • Staff members know their roles and responsibilities and are competent and willing to make a contribution to the learning experience in a variety of ways. They handle multiple roles and additional duties to make the school work for the students.
  • Faculty will work closely with the director to collaboratively lead the school through a shared decision making process.
  • Faculty is willing to engage community and business partners to be incorporated as a resource in curriculum development and student products.
  • Like the students, EDGE staff is comfortable with the use of technology. While they may not be technology experts, they have a desire to become proficient.
  • Attend and participate in required in-service activities.

Desired Certification:

  • English Language Arts - Secondary
  • History Secondary
  • Science Secondary
  • Math Secondary
  • American Sign Language
  • RN

If interested in any teaching position, please complete application through www.putnamschools.org/employment and email letter of interest and resume to director, Keith Smith at ksmith@putnamedge.org.

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