Learning Outcomes

After attending Putnam EDGE High School, your student will have gained applicable skills that will last a lifetime.

Technology Literacy
The student selects and utilizes appropriate technology to effectively perform a variety of tasks.

Critical Thinking
The student gathers, analyzes, and synthesizes information in a variety of contexts.

The student actively and respectfully contributes to a team to solve problems while working towards a common goal.

Global and Community Engagement
The student explores different perspectives on global, cultural, and local issues and values, leading to action in his or her community.

Work Ethic
The student demonstrates commitment to their team, personal responsibilities, and tasks.

Written Communication
The student effectively expresses their thoughts and constructs ideas in writing clearly, concisely, and correctly to a variety of audiences.

Oral Communication
The student speaks correctly, eloquently, and effectively before a variety of audiences for multiple purposes.

The student applies computation, measurement, estimation, and data evaluation in various settings.

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