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Putnam EDGE High school endeavors to launch scholars into Putnam County and beyond as pioneers and architects of the future. Our Putnam EDGE students will…

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    Explore the unfamiliar through critical thinking

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    Develop individual accountability

  • G

    Grow together utilizing cooperative learning

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    Engage with community partners

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The Edge Experience

At Putnam EDGE High School we use and teach skills that are necessary for succeeding in the corporate world. Learn more.

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At Putnam EDGE High School we use and teach skills that are necessary for succeeding in the corporate world:

  • Cutting EDGE Technology

    Putnam EDGE is a high-tech high school, using the latest technology to engage students. Every student works daily on a computer that is assigned only to them. They are learning how to master programs that they will need to be successful in today’s business world. This experience coupled with a desirable learning environment, like we offer at EDGE, is a way to build a strong foundation for any college or career bound student. Our students enjoy learning without the hassle of carrying books all over the school! This new way of learning is a chance for a better future, the technological future that they do and will continue to face!

  • Small Class Size

    The smaller group setting allows for more one-on-one time with each teacher. It gives the student an opportunity to get their questions answered quickly and in detail. The family-oriented environment helps the students build confidence as they regularly make electronic presentations to the class.

  • Our Culture

    Trust, Respect and Responsibility are key virtues that we live by at our school! We teach the character and qualities that are necessary for excelling in today’s business world.

  • Our Academics

    Whether you are a student with a desire to be college bound, career-ready, or just earn a high school diploma, we provide several options to succeeding at EDGE. We provide opportunities for dual-enrollment beginning at 9th grade, giving students the chance to excel and even the ability to earn an A.A. degree while also earning high school diploma. We are also offering all of the requirements and preparations to achieving any of the Florida Bright Futures scholarship awards. We also offer many career technical paths for certificates providing the ability to be career-ready right out of high school.

Upcoming EVENTS

Parent Open House

September 28th, 2021
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm