About Us

Putnam EDGE High School will follow a model that is not about what the technology can do, but rather what the students can do with the right technology. The model design involves a project-based learning approach and follows the design principles fully by

  • Implementing rigorous course work aligned to state standards and designed to include a STEM concentration

  • Providing ongoing communication and training for staff

  • Working with the community as viable partners

  • Extending outreach efforts for students

  • Providing adequate facilities and resources.

Putnam EDGE High School’s learning outcomes are based on these elements:

  • Knowledge and Thinking: Students select and utilize appropriate technology to effectively perform tasks. Students gather, analyze, and synthesize information in a variety of contexts. Students apply computation, measurement, estimation and data evaluation in various settings.

  • Agency: Work Ethic. Students, using a growth mindset, demonstrate commitment to their team, personal responsibilities and tasks taking ownership over learning.

  • Collaboration: Students actively and respectfully contribute, through strong interpersonal communication, to a team to solve problems while working toward a common goal of shared success, leadership, and initiative. Students explore different perspectives on global, cultural issues and values, leading to action in their community.

  • Oral Communication: Students correctly, eloquently and effectively communicate material before a variety of audiences for multiple purposes

  • Written Communication: Students effectively express and construct ideas in writing clearly, concisely and correctly to a variety of audiences.

Intensive coaching over a five-year period will support such effective project- and problem-based learning, assist staff to develop robust curriculum, integrate content areas across the curriculum, and assess authentic outcomes to result in a pedagogy that inculcates the skills and creativity required.