Dress Code

This excerpt is from the Putnam County School District Code of Conduct.

I. APPROPRIATE DRESS FOR STUDENTS Students are required to wear appropriate clothing according to the situation and the grade level involved. Inappropriate clothing and appearance are disruptive to the school program and principals will enforce adherence to this policy by those under their jurisdiction. Each school may provide for more specific dress code requirements within the scope of this district-wide dress code and shall provide each student with a copy of their school’s dress code. School administrators have discretion and final authority to decide if clothing complies with District rules. When it is determined that a student’s clothing does not comply with the dress code, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school. The student may, with parental permission, be sent home in order to change clothes. In addition, the student may also receive a disciplinary consequence for violating the school’s dress code policy. Violations of this policy shall be treated as disruptive behavior in violation of the Code of Student Conduct. However, policy violations shall not carry over on the student’s discipline record to subsequent years. This policy shall apply to students at all times when they attend school or any school sponsored event during the school day. The Principal may exercise discretion and permit exceptions to this policy for extracurricular activities. This policy shall be applicable in its entirety, except where a specific section may be directed toward a select group of students. All persons subject to this policy shall comply with all sections of it. Wearing apparel, which tends to identify association with secret societies as prohibited by Florida Statutes, shall not be worn. Some programs may require uniforms. Continued enrollment in these programs shall be contingent on the student adhering to all uniform requirements and standards. General Requirements Appropriate Sizes: Students shall wear clothing of appropriate size as determined by the principal or designee exercising his or her judgment. The size of shirts and pants shall be appropriate to the student’s body size and shall not be unduly oversized or undersized. Shirts: Shirts shall be tucked into the waistband of the pants or skirt. Exceptions will be allowed in individual cases based upon the discretion of the principal or designee. Pants: Pants shall be worn so that the waistband is worn at the waist and not below the waist. Shorts must touch the knee. Skirts, Dresses, Skorts and Jumpers: The hem of girls’ skirts or dresses must touch the knee. Shoes/Footwear: All students shall wear shoes/footwear. Heel height shall not exceed three (3) inches. Shoes that are unsafe, such as bedroom slippers and heelys, will not be allowed. Unacceptable Attire Students are not allowed to wear clothing, jewelry, buttons, or other attire or markings, which are offensive, suggestive, disruptive, or indecent such as: Clothing or jewelry associated with gangs. Clothing or jewelry encouraging the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence. Clothing or jewelry associated with discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, sexual orientations, marital status, race, religion, or sex. Clothing exposing the torso or upper thighs such as see-through garments, mini-skirts or mini-dresses, halters, backless dresses, tube tops or tank tops without over shirts, spaghetti strap garments without over shirts, bare midriff outfits, or shirts or blouses tied at the midriff. Clothing not properly fastened or with tears, holes or rips. Clothing or outer garments traditionally designed as undergarments such as boxer shorts, bloomers or sleepwear. Clothing or footwear that is construed by the principal or designee as hazardous or dangerous to health of the student or others. Hats, headgear, or any head covering worn inside, except when approved by the principal. Shorts Students may wear hemmed walking shorts or Bermuda shorts, only if the wearing of shorts has not been revoked and they are appropriate for safety or employment training purposes, as evidenced hereinafter. In all situations in which shorts are permissible to be worn, the shorts shall touch the knee. Unacceptable Shorts Athletic shorts including spandex-style “bicycle” shorts, cut-off jeans, frayed jeans or pants, cut-off sweat pants, short-shorts, running shorts, and see-through boxer-type shorts are not permitted. Revocation of Privilege If an individual school’s School Advisory Council (SAC) or Principal determines that too many students have abused the shorts policy, the Principal may revoke the shorts privilege at that particular school so that the entire student body will not be allowed to wear shorts to school during the next semester. In such cases, the Principal may elect to prohibit wearing shorts to school at that particular school during subsequent semesters or school years or reinstate the privilege of wearing shorts to school, as the Principal, in consultation with the SAC, may deem appropriate. Additionally, the Principal may revoke the shorts privilege of a student who violates the provisions of the shorts policy twice in one semester. Adoption of Policy Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below the School Board has adopted this policy. Purpose and Intent: In adopting this Policy it is the School Board’s purpose and intent to enable all of the public elementary, middle and high schools in Putnam County to experience a safer learning environment on all of our school campuses. Scope: This Policy shall apply to all K-12 students enrolled in any public school under the jurisdiction of the School Board of Putnam County, Florida. Charter/Magnet Schools: In the event that a Charter or Magnet school has a more stringent student dress code policy, such policy shall take precedence over the Dress Code Policy described herein. Public School Dress Code will contain the following: Vocational-Technical Programs: For safety and employment training purposes, students enrolled at the vocational-technical programs will wear the uniform of the program. If there is no uniform this rule shall apply. School T-Shirts: In addition to the shirts described in subparagraphs a., b., and c. above, each school may include in its dress code the options of allowing students to wear a school sponsored T-Shirt (which may have a crew neck rather than a collar) only on school days or during school events designated by the principal. New Students: Students entering the Putnam County Public School System for the first time during the school year shall be granted a grace period up to fifteen (15) school days before being required to comply with the uniform dress code. Exceptions: Exceptions to the dress code shall be permitted when: A student wears a uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization, such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, on regular meeting days. A student wears a costume or special clothing necessary for a school play or other school-sponsored activity as permitted by the principal. The wearing of clothing in compliance with the dress code violated a student’s sincerely held religious belief, and then such students and the student’s parent shall submit a signed affidavit setting forth the religious issue and the requested exemption to the Dress Code Policy. A student’s parent requests a reasonable accommodation to address the student’s disability. Such request shall be reduced to writing and submitted to the principal for approval.