Our model will leverage the best practices of Online and Project and Problem Based instruction to offer both synchronous and asynchronous courses and experiences to students. Students at Putnam EDGE will not be constrained to their own classroom; instead, they will collaborate with students across the country. A combination of Flex and Self-Blend model options provide the right balance of learner choice.

In our Flex approach, students in the regular classroom are simultaneously engaged in both an online project and face-to-face experiences. In this instance, content and instruction for a collaborative online project between, among, or across New Tech Network schools is delivered primarily through Echo, our web-based learning management system, and students move on an individually customized, fluid schedule. Teachers and other campus adults are available to provide face-to-face support on a flexible and adaptive "as-needed" basis through activities such as small-group instruction (or Workshops), through group projects, and through individual tutoring and support.

In the Self-Blend schedule, students access both face-to-face and blended, online courses as well as rotating out of face-to-face experiences into online collaboration experiences during a block course. New Tech's intent is that online projects conclude within 4 weeks, or about 20 days of instruction.

Students at Putnam EDGE will be expected to demonstrate the values of the school and develop lifelong strong character, such as:

  • Trust
    Believing in yourself and others to do the right thing.

  • Respect
    Honoring the value of yourself, another person, or an objects through your words, actions, and attitude.

  • Responsibility
    Holding yourself and others accountable for completing tasks, following directions, and upholding Putnam EDGE culture.

  • Integrity
    Being honest, just, and ethical in your words and actions.

  • Perseverence
    Doing your best to complete the task at hand regardless of obstacles or difficulty.

Why online learning?

Online learning provides access to courses that may not otherwise be available to students due to low enrollment or difficulty finding a highly qualified teacher. Online learning also offeres students increased and different opportunities to recover credits for courses missed or failed.